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Farm Tough Equipment Custom Built For Off-Farm Operations

Husky's 60+ years of experience in moving liquid manure has resulted in durable equipment for liquid transfer. We've also taken our extensive tank manufacturing experience to develop innovative solutions for truck mounted, trailer mounted and self-contained portable liquid transportation.

Liquid Transport

Husky's vacuum and top fill spreaders have the flexibility and efficiency required to transport a broad range of substances including previous experience with manure, sewage, food waste, F.O.G., water and other nutrient products.

Top Fill Truck Mounts

Vacuum Truck Mounts

Roll-Off Tanks

Industrial Agri-Food Operations

Husky pumps and associated equipment provide versatile solutions for debris and heavy duty applications including vegetable washing, car wash cleanout, distillers and brewers waste handling, and other commercial waste product management.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Side Mount Pumps

Roll-Off Tanks

Aggregate Solutions

Husky equipment has a long standing track record of providing a variety of commercial solutions including dust management, equipment washing and water transfer. 

Top Fill Spreaders

Vacuum Spreaders

Vacuum Truck Mounts

Municipal Operations

Husky has a historical partnerships with municipalities across Canada and the USA providing adaptive solutions for water transportation, dust control and flood management through our slide in water tanks, lagoon pumps, and truck mounted tanks.

Slide-In Tanks

Truck Mounts

Lagoon Pumps

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